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Pat Allen


Oakboro, NC 28129
United States
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Cancer type (NET): 
Diagnosis Year: 
How I survive cancer: 
Diagnosed with carcinoid tumor cancer in January, tests in February, surgery on my small intestine in March, and recovery in April, it's been a busy year since meeting with my oncologist and learning more about carcinoid. My survival to this point is credited to my incredible family who has been there for me every day. Taking on my chores in addition to theirs hasn't been easy but they do it without complaint.
How I fight for a cure: 
I plan on fighting this cancer with meditation, exercise, gardening and fine dining. Sure I can reduce my wine consumption to one or two classes a month or for special occasions only. I'll miss my wine; but, I can live without it.
My caring words of encouragement: 
Connect with other cancer survivors. I'm reaching out and am redefining my understanding of bravery. The people I've met with cancer are folks whom I've known for years yet hadn't known they were survivors. For some reason, these people stood out when I first met them; there was something special about them. They had made significant inroads to their happiness and now I know why. They are survivors and are going for the gusto in their lives because they know just how precious life is. These folks are inspirational and in touch with themselves. With their friendship as a blessing, thinking about them every day keeps me happy.

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