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Manteno, IL 60950
United States
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How I survive cancer: 
For far too long, I ignored my carcinoid. I didn't get the testing I needed, nor see an oncologist for a long time. In part, it was due to my former doctor who has since been replaced by a caring physician. I now surround myself with people who love and care about (and for) me. I do what my oncology staff says, research my cancer as much as I can, and look forward to the future. Being confident in my oncologist and my primary care physician have been key components to my treatment in the recent years. Since my diagnosis in April 1997, I don't wake up and think, "I have cancer", at least most days. I love life and all it has to offer!
How I fight for a cure: 
I try to keep up-to-date on treatments for myself. My wife is also on top of things and shares treatments, emails, information, whenever she finds them (that's how I found this site!) When I can, I share information with others on how they need to take care of themselves, to question the medical authorities when diagnoses are not simple.
My caring words of encouragement: 
The most important thing I can share with those facing this, or any, illness is to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Don't sit back and wait for things to have to take control yourself and question - yes, even the doctors - when you don't understand, or think there is another way, or you need/want a different treatment, test, etc. Above all, if you have a doctor who ignores your symptoms or treats you like it's "all in your head", RUN to the nearest exit and find someone who WILL listen, genuinely care, and treat your illness! And make sure you have at least one person who will be your advocate, especially at those times when you are ill or scared.

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