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Dianna L. Boomershine


Columbia, MO
United States
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Cancer type (NET): 
Diagnosis Year: 
How I survive cancer: 

Wow...what a question! I believe for me it has been my incredible family and doctors. My surgeon, who has become a family "friend", was aggressive, even though he found much more involvement than he expected! My team of doctors who give me ongoing care are constantly dealing with the unexpected, so we really are "rare ducks"! My involvement with the Heartland Carcinoids Support Group has really helped me gain information and deal with this disease as "chronic" not "fatal". A host of friends supplied me with jokes and cartoons and make sure I get my daily dose of humor! So with a strong support, friends, and support group friends...we have found ways to deal with this disease...and as my carcinoid expert, Dr. Eugene Woltering recently told me "Live Long and Prosper!" Helping others who are new to the disease is also a big part of my journey! OH...I almost forgot! I also use Guided Imagery cd's! They are great! Helps with the fears, anxiety and stress we deal with constantly as cancer survivors. Would recommend those to anyone!

How I fight for a cure: 

I try to keep my doctors up to date with the latest information, I contribute to active research projects for carcinoid and I write letters to legislators and governmental regulators to try to make them aware of carcinoid and NET cancer and make a cure for us a priority.

My caring words of encouragement: 

Concentrate on the positive aspects of each day...value it and live it to the fullest! Share your experience and knowledge with others that are new to the fight! Encourage doctors and researchers to find us a cure! Love much, laugh loud, live long! And hug those you love daily!!!!

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