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Raleigh, NC 27601
United States
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How I survive cancer: 

Eating properly, resting when I need to, avoiding triggers such as alcohol and hot spices. Seeing my doctors regularly and following their advice. But is is also very important to be informed yourself. Some doctors seem only interested in the physiology and forget about the quality of life. I had to find out, on the net, that I needed niacin supplements and a high protein diet. Since starting both I am considerably more comfortable and with fewer symptoms. When it was diagnosed I was told that it had been there quite a while. Found in the ileum. They were not sure that it had metastasized. However, this was confirmed 16 years later, when numerous small carcinoids were removed from along the exterior of my intestines. I remain with several in my intestines and some in my liver that are considered inoperable.

My caring words of encouragement: 

Frankly, I try to pretend it isn't there. I cannot forget to take my niacin and extra protein, which have become a way of life, and I do have days when I am very tired, but I also have low blood pressure which may contribute. I am very active for someone my age and none of my friends know that I have Carcinoid Cancer. I know many of you would object to that, but that's the way that I am and it is working for me. I was diagnosed at 47 and just turned 75. I travel, quilt, teach Mah Jongg, and generally have a great time with my friends, and family which includes 4 children and 4 grandchildren. I hope to die in action.

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