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Amy Rueda


San Jose, CA
United States
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Cancer type (NET): 
Diagnosis Year: 
How I survive cancer: 

I got diagnosed with a 2.1 appendicial carcinoid after suffering from severe back pain for 2 years..doctors all avoided the obvious-- my appendix--even an emergency room visit the doc said I wouldn't be able to walk in if it was my appendix. 9 trips to the doctor later we finally ct scanned and saw a tumor the entire length of my appendix. It had spilled into the periappendicial far (not good) After removal of my rt colon (48% and 27 lymph nodes) nodes were clear but it showed small vessel lymphatic invasion which means it had spread to my lymph channels. I fly to Los Angeles to see Dr. Edward Wolin (carcinoid specialist) every six months.

I read lots of books my current favorites are Anti- Cancer which has revolutionized the way I look at food and vitamins and stress, and Crazy Sexy Cancer which gave me a sense of humor about having cancer.

How I fight for a cure: 

Currently I am volunteering for the United Cancer Society for a golf tournament in the Spring. I also have created a "cancer Possee" of friends and relatives who have or have had cancer that I use for support. I joined a carcinoid support group in NorCal and try to attend meetings regularly. I also make a point to reach out whenever someone introduces themselves because I remember how scared I was a year ago.

My caring words of encouragement: 

You can sleep when you are dead. Get a second and third oppinion. My first doctor had only seen 4 carcinoid cases and had no idea it had spread to my lymph channels because he didn't have the proper dyes. Go to a specialist!! Try to change your diet by limiting glucose and corn syrup and eat lots of flax seed, antioxidents, and veggies, take fish oil capsules and cod liver pills. Read, read, read as much as you can. Knowledge is power. Cancer is a gift if you use it to change your life and others lives for the better. Cancer choose you, now do something with it!

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