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Action #4:  Discover New Carcinoid Biomarkers

Fundraising Target:  $250,000

Why Urgent

There are no carcinoid biomarkers to accurately predict when carcinoid will occur, prognosticate its course, and measure its endpoints.  As a result, carcinoid diagnosis comes too late, treatments are not individualized, and outcomes are not accurately measured.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) asserts that biomarkers are critical to cutting-edge cancer research.  The NCI symposium, "Clinical Proteomics and Biomarker Discovery in Cancer Research", stated:

"An effective platform for clinical biomarker discovery would revolutionize clinical oncology.  Such a platform would enable detection of disease early, when it is curable.  It would also provide a means of distinguishing quickly those patients who are responding to a given therapy from those who are not, as well as yielding perhaps the ultimate preventive tool capable of identifying those at risk for cancer and even predicting their response to prevention interventions."

It is urgent to discover new carcinoid biomarkers to achieve this revolution in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of carcinoid.


Our objective is to discover new carcinoid biomarkers:

  • To predict when carcinoid will occur
  • To prognosticate the course of each carcinoid patient
  • To measure the endpoints of carcinoid

If we achieve our fundraising target of $250,000, we will issue a Research RFP to discover new carcinoid biomarkers.


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