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Action #1:  Launch a Carcinoid BioBank

Fundraising Target:  $1,500,000

Why Urgent

A biobank is necessary to discover a cure for carcinoid.  However, no carcinoid biobank exists.

A biobank is a collection of biological and clinical data submitted by patients.  It enables researchers to apply the most advanced technologies of genomic and proteomic research.  A biobank is a critical underpinning of the genetic research paradigm.

Anna D. Barker, Ph.D., Deputy Director of Advanced Technologies and Strategic Partnerships at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), states in "Biospecimens:  The Bridge to Personalized Medicine":

"It is clear that we are living on the cusp of unprecedented change in cancer medicine.

The shift from the traditional biomedical world, in which we slowly and painstakingly seek to understand the origins of disease--and use trial and error methods to treat patients--is giving way to a new paradigm. ...  However, fully realizing the promise of this new era of medicine will not be easy;  especially when it comes to what is perhaps the most critical enabler of genomics-based research--human biospecimens. ...

As we seek to unlock the mysteries of cancer and other diseases, biospecimens represent the bridge between two key resources:  the vast amounts of emerging molecular data and the wealth of medical data that exists in patient histories and clinical outcomes. ...

At stake is the pace--and the ultimate success--of our shift towards truly personalized medicine, and the improved diagnostics and therapeutics that will help us to eliminate death and suffering from cancer and other devastating diseases in the coming years."

Therefore, it is urgent to launch a biobank in order to eliminate death and suffering from carcinoid.


Our objective is to launch the world's first carcinoid biobank:

  • To collect biological and clinical data from carcinoid patients
  • To link the data across leading cancer research institutes
  • To support cutting-edge genomic and proteomic carcinoid research

If we achieve our fundraising target of $1,500,000, we will move ahead with launching the carcinoid biobank.

Key Updates

December 2006

The Caring for Carcinoid Foundation decided on key design principles for the carcinoid biobank.  These design principles are intended to unite the carcinoid community by:

  • Welcoming participation by all carcinoid patients
  • Encouraging new projects by all carcinoid researchers
  • Sharing results with the entire carcinoid community
  • Setting high standards for quality and transparency


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