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Create a Carcinoid Tissue Microarray

Action #2:  Create a Carcinoid Tissue Microarray

Fundraising Target:  $150,000

Why Urgent

A tissue microarray is necessary to discover a cure for carcinoid.  However, no complete carcinoid tissue microarray exists.

The National Cancer Institute states in "Microarray Technology" that tissue microarrays are critical to cutting-edge cancer research:

"Thanks to the human genome map, researchers can study the expression and function of every gene in the body.  But how can they simultaneously analyze the expression of 30,000–50,000 genes?  The answer lies in microarray technologies. ...

It is now possible to place the entire human gene complement on one slide.  DNA microarrays are a pivotal and powerful research tool;  findings made possible by this tool will lead to more effective and radically new ways to treat and cure cancer."

Furthermore, the peer-reviewed article, "Demystified...Tissue Microarray Technology", states:

"Several 'high throughput methods' have been introduced into research and routine laboratories during the past decade.  Providing a new approach to the analysis of genomic alterations and RNA or protein expression patterns, these new techniques generate a plethora of new data in a relatively short time, and promise to deliver clues to the diagnosis and treatment of human cancer. ...

Tissue microarray technology is one of these new tools.  It is based on the idea of applying miniaturization and a high throughput approach to the analysis of intact tissues.  The potential and the scientific value of tissue microarrays in modern research have been demonstrated in a logarithmically increasing number of studies."


Our objective is to create the world's first complete carcinoid tissue microarray:

  • To provide an essential tool for cutting-edge carcinoid research
  • To benefit a large number of leading carcinoid researchers

If we achieve our fundraising target of $150,000, we will issue a Research RFP to create the carcinoid tissue microarray.


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