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Yes We Can! Patients Profiled in Their Own Words

Happy spring! 
More sunshine! 
More time outside!
In this post, I'm profiling 3 women as they write about their experiences with carcinoid and neuroendorcine cancers.
Each of these women helps us all - by raising awareness of neuroendocrine tumor cancers through blogging, wearing our bright and distinctive t-shirts in national events, and raising funds to cure NET cancers.

Hana, Kari and Jan. Three incredible women who are seizing life and making a difference for themselves and for us all.   My heartfelt thanks to each of you.
Look, who would choose to walk this path?  No one.  After 10 years of having incurable metastatic cancer, I can tell you most definitely that it sucks.  Your plans change daily depending on physical limitations.  Goals shift, life changes, time passes. 

But, I can also tell you most definitely that participating & giving back makes you feel better—physically and mentally.  You will learn a lot.  You will meet some incredible people.  You will feel less isolated.

Most of us can’t run one mile, let alone a marathon’s length.  But we can walk slowly in the fresh air.  We can encourage others to walk.  We can organize an event.  You can create great joy for yourself when you bring friends and family together to conquer cancer.

Flip through our photo gallery and you’ll see a lot of happiness.  

Reach out.  Make this journey your own.

I had sx 1 year ago for aPNET at MDA ....They removed a Distal portion of the pancreas and spleen. It was a stage 2 no nodes and cells seen in the vascular fluid every 4 months I go for follow up MRI....nothing seen on MRI but my markers are going up every visit. Has anyone had this?
My experiences have been terrible so far. Here is my facebook page. If you start at the bottom of the timeline, the story will be in order. Thank you : )

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