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Today, CFCF is thrilled to announce the results of research announced in Science, one of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals.  Through a grant provided by the Caring for Carcinoid Foundation (, researchers at the Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center have discovered several key mutations in pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors. Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors are also known as islet cell or pancreatic endocrine tumors.  This significant finding holds the promise of improving patient diagnosis and treatment and brings the neuroendocrine cancer community closer to a cure.

CFCF has been focused, driven and determined to uncover scientific understanding and pursue a cure of these cancers.  Since 2005, CFCF has awarded $6 million and supported scientists in advancing neuroendocrine cancer understanding and discovery.

 Join us during this exciting time!  Help create more opportunities for neuroendocrine tumor understanding. 

 Call us to understand more about these scientific discoveries and what they mean for patients. 




Hi my name is Kimberly Smith my story is on here from 2009 however i have had so many surgeries since then and my last CT Scans showed multiply lesions on my left kidney.My Oncologist sent my insurance a request for another Pet Scan and they denied it 2 x's recently because they said it was an uncurable cancer and they would not pay for it or any test for cancers that have spread throughout other parts of your body.I have cried because i feel like a piece of paper that can be put through a paper shredder because i am fighting to live but seems they are saying give up.What is there to do when you are in so much pain..Any have any suggestions. Sincerely Kimberly Smith
Kimberly Cain Smith
That's great news! I'm curious as to how many members have had or have carcinoid tumors in the pancreas? And if anyone had their tumors harvested like I did? My surgery took place at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas and the research team was in the O.R. to take the tumors to their lab and grow them, in order to make a vaccine for me. I know that tumors in the pancreas are rare, so I'm curious as to how many others are out there.
I am curious about making a vaccine from my tumor. Baylor Medical Center? My tumor was rectal, carcinoid and is stored at Sloane Kettering in NY. Who is the Dr. at Baylor?
This is so positive and so impressive! CFCF is walking the walk and producing results. Thank you for all everyone does and especially the leadership and contributors of CFCF.
That is wonderful! Congrats on this breakthrough to all parties involved. It is quite encouraging to NETS survivors like myself and others to fight on. I know some day a cure will be found.
As a stage 4 pancreatic islet cell cancer patient of 5 years, I have benefitted from the most recent research again and again over these several years. This breakthrough adds to the many cutting edge discoveries which have taken me from a seemingly hopeless situation to the benefits of a quality of life which I would have never expected. Thanks to all who have contributed. I am in awe of you all. I cannot wait to see what might come out of this!
I was dianosed with carcinoid in 2005, last scan I had a week ago showed things were stable from last Aug. Very interested in learning more about this new research. Any trials going on? Thanks, Ivan L Patterson 11945 Portage Lk. Ave. Pinckney,Mich. 48169 810 626 8556
I am currently involved in a clinical trial in Houston TX. The contact person is Susan Cork, Patient Therapy Coordinator. Her email is There are two trials available at this sight. Indium-111 and Lutetium 177 depending upon your tumor size.
I am on the help line for MD Anderson...helping a girl, 45 years of age....she has had Carcanoid Syndrom since 2002. I have just called her..she seems not to have any hope and I would love to give her some information with hope in it......or if you can point me in a direction of some hopeful information....She lives in Houston ......thanks in advance Sharon Puls
Wow!!!! Congratulations on sponsoring this giant leap forward!!!!

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