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New Year's Resolutions

What are yours?

Studies show that one of the strongest sources of health and happiness is a relationship/commitment—to a partner, friend, pet or cause over a sustained period of time.

I appreciate that more and more. My resolution is to continue my dedication to those people and causes that I value.

One long relationship of dedication and love was with my enthusiastic, wiggly, smelly, pickle barrel of love—my English bulldog Izzy. I have loved dogs ever since I could talk. Izzy was just a soft, small eight pound little dog when I adopted her—beyond cute. The first morning I took her out for a walk, a neighbor picked her up off the sidewalk and kissed her all over, leaving enormous red lipstick stains on her fur. Izzy and I were both a bit bemused. But, Izzy quickly decided that such adoration was only what she deserved. Izzy's obedience was immediate when I had a liver treat but otherwise nonexistent.

I was with her physically or mentally each day of her life—on the occasions that I had to travel, she had devoted dog sitters who were, I'm sure, pulled off their feet, begged for food, slobbered on, licked and sat upon by 85 pounds of devoted doggie. Last year, after many months of cancer therapy, Izzy couldn't go on. After Izzy died, the house was so quiet—no more of Izzy's dog tags jangling as she raced for the front door, no more Izzy trotting happily around looking for food or trouble, no more squeaking a toy until the squeaker broke, and no more snoring.

In recovering from Izzy's death, I found great comfort in the fact that I was there for her day in and day out. I'll never get over Izzy—but I take comfort from knowing that from eight weeks old, I was with her day in, day out, walking her, hugging her, throwing increasingly slobbery tennis balls, driving her to vet appointments, and at the end getting her treatments. Knowing that you dedicated yourself to someone or something over a long period of time brings more comfort that you could imagine.

Dedication to a cause like neuroendocrine tumors is not exactly the same as dedication to a fuzzy beloved pet. Who wants tumors to love you back? As a patient, I'd like to destroy them and make them disappear.

But, dedication to a foundation devoted to curing neuroendocrine tumors is worthwhile, albeit not as endorphin-raising as a happy puppy.

Dedication, devotion, commitment—these qualities cost us nothing, are priceless and take hard work. Whether to a cause, a pet or a person, no matter what you choose or what you achieve, your devotion is already your success. veni vidi vici. You came, you saw, you conquered...through your consistent presence and dedication.

Let's dedicate ourselves with consistency and devotion to

  • raising awareness of neuroendocrine cancers,
  • to helping one fellow patient in some way—through a kind word, through giving, information, through a ride to a patient support group, through any way you can,
  • to advancing a cure and calling us to find out how to do this,
  • to connecting with the Caring for Carcinoid Foundation and calling us when you are troubled, need advice, want explanation of the latest scientific advancement or are generally in need.

Reach out because we'll always be here for you.

Join us in a fun walk or recruit friends to walk or run in your honor or just join us for the party afterward!

I know that we will all achieve meaning and reward in whatever way we decide to dedicate ourselves to NETs. Join me and find out yourself.

Happy holidays! 

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