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Let's Get MOVING!!!!

Happy Summer!

Beautiful summer weather is just around the corner. I’m looking forward to summer BBQs, ripe tomatoes, and sweet corn. And, let’s not forget pie!

In addition to joining me for summer BBQs (if you visit the Adirondacks, you have an open invitation!), I want you to join our marathon teams or find others to join us! Find a way to avoid feeling guilty for eating all that summer pie!

Let’s get moooooving! Join me—in running and/or recruiting for the Chicago and Marine Corps Marathons.
Why? So many reasons!

1. Endorphine rush and happiness! Meet fellow runners, other patients and their families, and individuals committed to curing YOUR cancer!
CFCF holds a pre-race team dinner. How many times have you been laughing and celebrating life in a room of people all of whom are connected by this rare disease? Finally, you’re not alone! Not only that—you, as the patient for whom everyone is running, are the rock star! Soak it up!! Celebrate!!

2. This year, the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Foundation are matching dollar-for-dollar all funds raised.
All funds are being dedicated to two projects—(i) the first genome project on pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors and (ii) the first genome project on carcinoid cancer tumors.

3. You have support!
Each team has a fun team captain. The incomparable, funny, doctor-in-training Kathleen Effler is leading our Chicago Marathon team for the second time. Team CFCF is looking for a captain for the Marine Corps Marathon. Are you interested? E-mail AND, the Caring for Carcinoid Foundation is on the phone to help you each step (literally if you’d like!) of the way.

I’m going to visit either the Chicago or the D.C. Marathon Team members. Where will you be? E-mail me at and let me know which marathon route you’ll be running. I’m looking forward to having a great time and cheering on runners.

Both marathon routes are beautiful, passing by the historic and majestic parts of each amazing city. Also, unlike other cities, in Chicago and D.C., the cheerleaders can hop on public transportation and cheer on their runners at several places instead of just waiting at one spot.

We don’t have much time left for training and recruiting so call or e-mail us today!

See you there!

Thank you for your courage and strength you share with us. My brother has just been diagnosed and reading your site has given me insight and hope for what is to come.
Hello Nancy: My daughter was diagnosed at age 22 with one carcinoid tumor in her liver. Had surgery and it was seen nowhere else since until yesterday. Same area--a very small spot they think is residual so we assume the surgeon will want to go back in and get it. We get on your blog often and draw encouragement from it. Haven't read a new posting since May so hope all is okay with you. My daughter and two other children were, for years prior to this, very involved in Realy for Life at the UDayton campus all years they were in college and continue to be even stronger advocates along with my husband and I. Thank you for your Caring for Carcinoid site. It is wonderful. We view it often. We hope to see a new blog posting soon to know how you are. Love, Kathy Morris

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